What would you like to see outside the window of your house? Red tiled roofs or the sky reflecting in a lake? A wavy sea? Or maybe skyscrapers of a citynwould be your preferred view? Or would you rather stretch out on the lawn in the back yard and listen to kid’s chatter? What would make you happy?

We know what a dream home is about. We are real estate advisors who seek to build strong interpersonal relationships and genuine cooperation.

Our job is to implement dream home projects from scratch: find a plot of land for your house, prepare a project, supervise the construction works and finally hand over the key to your perfect home. We look for and always find your dream flat to buy or to rent. We take care of the insurance, negotiate on behalf of our clients, help our clients navigate throughcomplicated legal documentation. Together we can go to the places you wish, be it cosy Vilnius, calm filled Nida or Mediterranean coast and largest cities in Europe.

With the experience of more than ten years in the Lithuanian and European real estate market, borders are no limit for us. We will work tirelessly to find the right home for you in the endless world – this is what the logo of W8 Premium House says.

Allow yourself to dream. We will take care of the rest.

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We believe that premium houses do not necessarily have to be luxurious or gilded. No matter whether it is a homestead reminding ofthe old times nestled somewhere in the middle of the woods, a Bohemian flat in the old-town of a capital, or a minimalist house on the seashore, premium is a house of your dreams. Led by this vision, we will confidently guide you through each step until those dreams of yours come true.

Services of W8 Premium House:


Our long international experience enables us to provide a tailored solution for our clients to purchase a home not only in Lithuania, but also anywhere in Europe. We offer our clients a comprehensive analysis of opportunities ant risks also addressing the prospects of maintaining the long-term value of property as well as liquidity issues, we propose alternative suggestions and an outlook of pricing negotiations.

Short and long-term rent

We administer objects of short and long-term rental.

Investment solutions

We search out and suggest best options for investment in residential property (land, flats, houses).

Real estate valuation

We perform property valuations to receive financing quickly, expeditiously and competently.

Building project management

Indulge yourself in a carefree dreaming, we are able to offer you the service of reliable and professional architects, designers, lawyers, constructors, and take care of the project from its initial idea to full realisation keeping to the agreed project estimate and the time-frame.


Partnerships, investment, project management

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Would you like to become a part of an inspired, motivated and professional team working in the field of real estate? Do you have a desire to create and discover dream homes and see happy clients? Let us learn about you! Send your CV and motivation letter and let us meet for an interview – tomas@w8premiumhouse.com